How to Choose the Right Home Inspector for Your Townhouse

You’ve worked with your realtor to find what looks like the perfect townhouse for your family here in Victoria, but how do you choose a home inspector with the skills and experience you’re looking for?

To inspect your townhouse, you should look for a professional who is:

  •  A Licensed Home Inspector
  • Equipped with the tools needed to thoroughly inspect your next townhome
  • Educated in Victoria’s unique building requirements
  • Experienced in current construction best practices
  • Able to provide recommended actions to overcome deficiencies identified in the inspection

Homeworx Home Inspections is Victoria’s Townhouse Experts

You may have found Homeworx because you were referred by your realtor, or a friend or family member told you about the experience they had with our professional home inspection service here in Victoria.

We use a simple but effective process to ensure a thorough inspection for your townhome in Victoria:

  • We work with your realtor to find the right time for the inspection
  • We take a systematic approach to inspecting your home, looking for obvious signs of common challenges we have here in Victoria’s unique – and wet – environment
  • We follow the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors’ National Standards of Practice
  • We provide a comprehensive report that outlines our observations

Homeworx Victoria is your unbiased experienced inspection professional for your next townhome

Contact us to book a professional inspection for your townhome