Victoria has an incredible amount of condominiums throughout the Capital region, and the building practices have changed substantially over the decades. Knowing what to look for in current and vintage condos in Victoria is an essential part of the inspection process.

What Does a Condo Inspection in Victoria Cover?

Condo living is a popular option here in Victoria, for first-time homeowners as well as experienced homeowners downsizing to a more manageable home. If you’re considering the purchase of a condo in Victoria – for rental or as your primary residence – here are a few concerns your Licensed Home Inspector can help you identify:

HVAC System

Heating and air conditioning are essential for comfortably living in your new condo, so your professional home inspector will review the HVAC system to determine its service history, apparent condition, and suitability for the living space


While most of the leaky condos in Victoria have been remediated to resolve this common problem, it’s still important to review the building exterior (often referred to as the building envelope) as well as the strata notes to identify potential concerns.


Condos in BC are required to have a depreciation report, but due to a variety of factors, not all of them do. When available, we will review the depreciation report, as well as all available information from the strata. While the reports don’t indicate what will happen, they do outline what could happen and how well the strata council is prepared to solve potential concerns.


Your Homeworx home inspector will make every effort to gain access to the common rooms, storage areas, mechanical rooms, and rooftop to visually inspect the premises for apparent concerns.

Following your condo inspection, you will receive a detailed report of the status of your potential new home.

When you’re ready to buy a new condo in Victoria, it’s time to contact Homeworx for your Professional Inspection