How long will my home inspection in Victoria take?

Most home inspections throughout Southern Vancouver Island take about 4 hours for a thorough inspection. Larger homes may take a bit longer, but on average we estimate that the inspection will take four hours.

How much does a home inspection in Victoria cost?

The costs for a home inspection in Victoria will vary – condos require a different process than townhouses, which are different still than a stand-alone home. You can find our base pricing on our Book Online page. Suites, additional buildings, and size may impact the final price, so please Contact Us for more information. 

The house we’re looking at is new – why do we need an inspection?

Even if your home is brand new, it’s a smart idea to have a thorough visual inspection to ensure there are no obvious deficiencies that may prevent you from enjoying your new home to its fullest. Builders may have missed a step and a professional home inspector can identify these concerns before you move in.

Can we do the inspection after we buy our new home?

You can have a thorough home inspection any time you want, but much like a pre-nup agreement, the value of the visual home inspection is realized before you’ve completed the purchase. Once you’re in the home, you’ve basically approved the structure and have little legal leverage should anything go wrong. 

If you’ve already purchased your home, but would like a professional inspection – or even a second opinion – Homeworx pre-listing inspection would be a good fit.

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